BLOWING UP: Cloud Nothings

Cloud Nothings are a band from  that have been making garage rock for a few years now.  They came out with an LP, Turning On, last year, and have now just released a 7″ called Didn’t You.  It seems to be their official debut.  The new recordings are much better than the old, and that really effects how this band comes across.

While a lo-fi sound can be very cool, it also has a habit of hindering how the band is perceived.  There is automatically an air of low quality that comes along with the fidelity, much like a feeling of the group not being good enough to put out produced material.  It’s important to remember that going for a more live and raw sound does not need to come with sacrificing decent mixing and production, and that’s something evident between the two releases.

I imagine a new LP is in the works, and if these songs are any indication, this band will be pretty big by next year.  Now go pretend you’re cool cause you heard them first!

Cloud Nothings – Even If It Worked Out

The myspace is here for you to get goodies…  Oh, and now that we’re on good ol’ Hype Machine, why don’t you BOOKMARK OUR ASSES!  There’s brand new music everyday, and it isn’t all brand new, so you’ll be caught up on everything you missed the last fifty years.  Just sayin’…


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