Perfect Songs: The Apparitions – “God Monkey Robot”

The Apparitions are a band from Kentucky.  Details seem to be scarce as they have seen to have broken up/completely disappeared, but I know they released an album called As This Is Futuristic in 2006. Before that came another album and an EP, which I now have to figure out how to get my hands on.  ATIF got some decent reviews, and I might right more about it when I get the whole thing, but as for now I have two tracks from it.  To be completely honest, I didn’t really like “God Monkey Robot” at first.  I thought it was too long and repetitive; in retrospect, I was an idiot.

This song is amazing (I dare say perfect), and it was only after I realized that its drive is the key to its success that I was free to let it really sink in.  The double singers are pitch perfect, and their harmony works wonders to keep the song moving and the listener entertained for all five minutes.  So if you have five minutes of free time, this is what you should do with it.

The song is about evolution, resurrection, space, and hope.  Oh, and robots. It also contains one of my favorite lyrics ever, highlighted below.  Enjoy!

The Apparitions – God Monkey Robot

The myspace will reveal all, and maybe you can buy something pretty for your significant other…In a distant city
A long time ago
In a tiny office
With a tiny window
There was a monkey on a wheel
And while the monkey was running
He started to wonder
How far had he gone
How much further to go
The TV came on
It was his favorite show
A documentary
Off-beat comedy
About a man starring in his own lobotomy
They took the man
They put him in space
Left him there just to watch his face
The man and the monkey their minds went blank
They were both watching reruns
The ratings were great
And it seemed
It all seemed so easy
It would always be

In a distant city
It was a modern jungle
Where the monkey could swing
Through the canopy
Above the collated copies
Obsolete floppies
Florid in a brand new
Florescent botany
These were the robots
Growing free
To do the things
That the monkey needs
And they left no evil for the monkey to speak
And there was plenty of food
For the robots to eat
So it seemed
It all seemed so easy
The way that things should be

In a hidden location
A distant place
God was watching
And God was great
So he decided to send the angel in
To end it all and begin again
The brain-dead spaceman watched in vain
Waiting for a hero who never came

‘Cause all the monkeys were ripped apart
The robots died of broken hearts
And the angel
Oh, the angel sang
Over and over again

First there was God
Then came the monkey
Then came the robot

Then there was God
Then came the monkey
Then came the robot

Next there was God
Then came the monkey
Then came the robot

Again there was God
Then came the monkey
Then came the robot

And on and on amen!


One response to “Perfect Songs: The Apparitions – “God Monkey Robot”

  1. Hello racecarspacecar,

    This is completely random and probably will never be seen by you or anyone else (actually that idea of a lonely corner of the Internet fascinates me but I digress). I wrote this song and thought I would chime in since you took the time to write nice things about the Apparitions. Yes we are defunct but the individual members continue to play on in different incarnations. Mark Heidinger fronts an incredible duo by the name of Vandaveer, drummer Robby Cosenza has a solo project called Fanged Robot (google Let the Countdown Count Me to be transcended by his genius), Justin Craig who was our last guitarist but did not play on this record is currently in NYC on Broadway and is an incredible multi-instrumentalist. Both of the latter last played together in a DC band called These United States. Eric Smith has a solo project called Killer Meteor. I have been out of music since the Apparitions but am currently recording a record produced by Justin of my own songs under my name Robbie Roberts.

    The repetitiveness of the song is interesting because few reviews I ever saw picked up on this intentional element of the song. I wanted it to have a certain monotony to reflect the theme of the lyrics. I think you’ve copied and pasted the lyrics from another site and there are a few errors. Florid should be flora, Hidden should be remote, and the line is all the monkeys were stripped for parts. Cheers to you.

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