Album Review: Benji Hughes – A Love Extreme

This came out a while ago, all the way back in 2008, but it is criminally underrated and I need to say something about it.  Benji Hughes is a large, bearded man from North Carolina who writes everything from sweet piano ballads to funky disco jams and has no qualms about putting them next to each other on tape.

A Love Extreme is a 25 song double album that is an overall excellent work, even if it is a bit too long.  The songs are mostly about girls, but more particularly about small town observations on the world from somebody sitting on the other side of the window. Benji tells stories of Dairy Queen dates, neighbors complaining about his music, drunk mummies, and parties turned sour.  If that sounds interesting to you in any way, then you should really check this out.

As I said before, the album doesn’t really need to be so long, and if a few tracks were cut out, it probably would have made a bigger impact in the indieverse.  Tracks like “Mmmmmmm,” “Cornfields,” and “Lyegue” don’t even get past a minute and could easily be cut, while a few other songs are subpar (because he’s so cool!) and probably would have made an ok EP instead.

Standouts from the album are “You Stood Me Up,” “Neighbor Down the Hall,” “The Mummy,” and “I Went with Some Friends to see the Flaming Lips.”  The latter describes a mushroom trip at a concert and comes across as one of the telling songs I’ve ever heard.  It completely captures the feeling of the experience and turns into an amazing ballad towards the end.  While it’s not the catchiest song, it is the one I’d like to share with you…

Benji Hughes – I Went With Some Friends to See the Flaming Lips

Go but something purty from the myspace and show your love!

PS – Benji, if you read this, I’d love to know what you’re up to and do an interview or something.  I wanted to see you at the Brooklyn Bowl a few weeks ago, but it said you weren’t coming anymore!


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