Kara’s Flowers – “Sunday Morning”

So Maroon 5 have a new album out, and while I will say that it is really good (for commercialized pop? What, no hipster cred? Drat!), it still doesn’t conquer my adoration for their first album, Songs about Jane.  While that album had a truly terrific soul, Hands All Over has the band perfected and mechanized a bit too much, leading to the well written songs coming off as bland.

Still, Maroon 5 are an incredibly talented band, and their knack for songwriting was in place from the get go.  My example for you is Kara’s Flowers, the pre-Maroon 5 band that had one decent album before being sucked up into the corporate machine and spit shined clean into their current positions as white funk-a-teers.  In order to get where they are, they ended up writing “Sunday Morning” and the labels rejoiced.  Then said label took some of the originality out of it and threw it to the masses.  It was still great, but the original version is far superior and shows what the band could have done without getting overproduced in the first place.  Enjoy!

Kara’s Flowers – Sunday Morning

Buy their first album if it’s still available, and if not then you are then permitted to buy Songs about Jane.  But you cool kids better hide it from your friends, or else Maxwell’s Silver Hammer of Justice will come raining down on you and knock away all your hipster cred!

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