The Bravery – “Rat in the Walls”

The Bravery are one of those new wave revival bands that popped up in the mid 2000s after being retro was made cool again by the Strokes, Franz Ferdinand, and Interpol.  That fact doesn’t detract from my love for them in any way, as they are a very talented band that can write a hit when they want to.  While their newest album admittedly isn’t very good, I still have the first two in my overall rotation.

Rat in the Walls is a bonus track off of The Sun and the Moon, their 2007 sophomore effort, and it is the most bad ass track on the album.  It’s understandable they didn’t include it within the “album,” as it is a bit harder than the other songs.  Still, I’m pretty sure it’s my favorite song by them and I wish they had released it as a single.  Enjoy!

The Bravery – Rat in the Walls

Buy something from the myspace and make the band happily richer so they can make some more of this music stuff…


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