The Kooks – “She Moves In Her Own Way”

The Kooks are an incredibly consistent band.  Almost every song they put out is fantastic, and their first album is quite perfect in my eyes.  This is my favorite song from it, and it’s an excellent mixture of the folk and garage sounds the rest of the album occupies…

What’s great about the Kooks is that they can genre jump on any song, but have the ability to maintain their sound throughout.  It probably has something to do with singer Luke Pritchard’s distinguishable voice, or maybe it’s just the guitar tones they use.  Either way, it adds up to be quite impressive to any listeners and leads me to promote this band as much as possible.  Listen to them!

I don’t know why US bands explode in Europe, but it’s never the opposite.  The Kooks haven’t really made much of a scratch in the States, and the situation reminds me of the one Kings of Leon were in five years ago.  I guess the Kooks just have to start aping U2 and shave off their beards before they get the press they deserve here.  (Sorry KoL, that was mean.  Wait, you are shells of your former selves, so never mind.)

The Kooks – She Moves In Her Own Way

Their myspace is for friends, friends who buy merch!

PS – I’m going to do a long Kings of Leon post soon, similar to the Weezer, Rooney, and Strokes posts I’ve done before…


One response to “The Kooks – “She Moves In Her Own Way”

  1. Really love the Kooks!

    I’ve been listening to them and Kings of Leon a lot recently… KOL’s new song “radioactive” is amazing!

    Check it out if you haven’t heard it yet,

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