The Vaccines are saviors of Rock and Roll? Also, they are BLOWING UP

The Vaccines are from London and are being hyped to absurd standards at the moment.  It seems NME started this business, but all I can say is “Wow, they haven’t even really released anything yet.”  At least the Strokes had the Modern Age EP to back up the “future of rock” claims (which were true, by the way).  I’m not saying the Vaccines aren’t good, but they’ve only made a one song demo and a single that has yet to be released.  Calling them the saviors of rock and roll might be jumping the gun a bit, don’t you think?  (Side Note: This is still better than jumping the shark, Fonzie…)

On top of this, I wouldn’t even say they’re really that rock to begin with.  If somebody had said this about Kings of Leon in 2004, I would have listened and believed it (and been disappointed even more four years later).  The Vaccines, on the other hand, are a bit too woozy and fuzzed out to be deemed straight up rock in my eyes.  Though, for what they play, they do have some great chemistry and solid melodies to fall back on.  As a fan of good music, I of course wish them all the best.

My wishes don’t matter, though.  The wheels have been set in motion at this point, and there is no stopping the coming explosion of press for these guys.  I just wish it would happen for other great bands like Locksley and Twin Berlin.  Both of these groups are just as talented and have put much more work in to deserve this amount of press.  Maybe the Vaccines are saviors, maybe I’ll soon be a disciple, but for now let’s just wait for something real to judge them on (judge sounds a bit harsh there, no?).  In the end, at least an over hyped band is actually talented this time around…

The Vaccines – Blow It Up

They have a super hyped website, too.  I’d say buy something, but there isn’t anything to buy yet.


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