Concert Review: The Drums and Surfer Blood at Webster Hall

This was a good show.  Nothing about it was particularly monumental, but both Surfer Blood and the Drums played solid sets.  Each band ended up playing most of their songs, which makes sense being they each have a bit over an album’s worth of material to rely on.

Opening band the Young Friends were solid and literally sound like the two headliners playing together as one.  It’s kind of weird, but they were the perfect choice to open.  The Dewars, on the other hand, sound like a circus act and sang us “Row Row Row Your Boat.”  I can’t say I enjoyed it too much, but this writer doesn’t intentionally badmouth so whatever…

The show itself was obviously built upon, and sold out from, the amount of pure hype these bands have attained.  Surfer Blood just signed to Warner, which is crazy, and the Drums are on Island (less crazy).  Internet hype aside, they are both talented bands and have incredibly catchy songs.  The ringtone potential is through the roof here, and the hipsters have picked up on it.  I was in the balcony area and noticed a few things.

  • Nobody danced as much as the bands themselves.  The crowd seemed to be a bit too cool to find any kind of groove, and there were left feet all around.  On the other hand (foot? haha), the bands themselves were moving way more and seemed genuinely happy to be there.
  • I thought the singer of Surfer Blood was the most flamboyant person I’d ever seen this side of Mick Jagger.  Then The Drums’ singer completely blew both of them out of the water with his flailing arms and mesmerizing contortions.  It’s 2010 and I don’t care a damn about their sexualities, but they definitely have a certain flair to them.  This makes for an incredibly entertaining show, and while many were laughing at the theatrics, they were also into the songs each band was playing.
  • Surfer Blood is much more musically talented than the Drums, but don’t have the vibe the latter gives off.  More people were into the Drums because they are simply more fun to listen to live.  It’s like an epic Arcade Fire gig compared to a hoedown.  Both good, but one inspires a tad more movement.
  • Every SB song is unique and they really let their diversity show live.  The Drums have written the same song possibly five times now and it has the same beat as “Let’s Go Surfing.”  Their motto must be “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”  But who am I to complain because it’s been awesome every single time, whether on record or with them right in front of you.

Like I said before, this show didn’t change my life but I was certainly glad to be there and I did enjoy it a great deal.  I’m looking forward to what each band does next, because they can both go really far.  Whether that’s up or down is left to be decided…

The Drums – Saddest Summer

Surfer Blood – Swim


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