Locksley is the Best Band in New York

As I’ve said before, this doesn’t make any sense.  Locksley is the most talented group of musicians on stage that I have ever seen, yet they have no serious recognition aside from a few TV spots and an odd following in Tokyo.  So let’s just run down some facts already:

1) Their two albums, Don’t Make Me Wait and Be In Love, are packed full of hits that recall all the best music from the last fifty years.  They were recorded excellently and are polished while still maintaining a raw quality.

2) The band has more energy than any other band I’ve ever heard and easily turned all of my skeptical friends into fans last night.  They accomplished this all while playing through a sub par sound system, too.  You couldn’t even hear the sun-soaked harmonies and solos that well, but the pure talent still broke through and everyone was sweaty and crazy by the end of the set.

3) Everybody in the band is incredibly nice, and I got the chance to speak to all of them.  Even they can’t understand why they haven’t broken through to a larger audience.  They might know that they’re better than every other band around, but are completely humble about it.

4) Aside from the music, the band also has the style to boot.  Much like the Strokes, they all look like born rock stars.  Still though, they’re appreciative of their fans and stuck around at the bar to meet people and drink the night away.  Is there anything cooler than that?  I don’t think so…

How do all of these factors not add up to instant fame and major label deals?  I have no clue.  Maybe it’s like a Radiohead kind of thing, where the band is so much in their own realm that they aren’t even included in conversations of talent because there’s nobody above them.  The whole point of this rant is that you should seriously seek out their music and live act, more so than any other band actively playing right now.  Then I’ll say “I told you so.”

Locksley – Darling It’s True

Go to the myspace if you want to live…


One response to “Locksley is the Best Band in New York

  1. totally agree!

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