BLOWING UP: Young the Giant

Young the Giant are from California and play a relatively epic form of indie rock.  It seems, though, that it’s converted to a larger sound later on in the writing process (based on the structure and flow).  This is probably the opposite of how Arcade Fire and U2 work, what with setting up the epic sound from the get go.

While the songs are more streamlined with YtG, the fact is that it doesn’t detract in the least.  In fact I think it’s more enjoyable knowing these heavy grooves come from pure folk and don’t depend on instrumentation…

Today marks the release of their debut album, and here is a single to get you pumped up like the jams (or whatever the cool kids say).  Enjoy!

Young the Giant – My Body

The myspace is convenient for pre-orders and purchases…


One response to “BLOWING UP: Young the Giant

  1. This song is the shit. Got into these guys a few months ago and caught them opening for Marina & The Diamonds @ The Crocodile here in Seattle last month. Super fun and will likely only get better with time. Good guys as well. Something good to come out of the OC…who’d thunk it?

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