They Might Be Giants – “I’m Impressed”

Everybody knows this band, but I’ve never liked them too much outside the Malcolm in the Middle theme song and “The Statue Got Me High.”  They always seemed to be too experimental and childish, which makes sense because they write tons of songs for kids.  I’ve nothing against this [“Why Does the Sun Shine? (The Sun is a Mass of Incandescent Gas)” is awesome!], but it’s not usually my cup of tea.

The band released a more rocking album (The Else) in 2007 though, and from it came this single.  The song sounds like run of the mill TMBG, but there’s something about it that strikes a chord (Get it? Hmm, must be the playfulness of this group seeping in…) with me.  Anyway, check it out right…. HERE (VVVVVVV)!!

They Might Be Giants – I’m Impressed

There is a myspace for you to attack with your wallet…

PS – This post isn’t written very well, therefore I conclude that I drank way too much RedBull (scrambled thoughts!)…


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