BRONZE is a Brooklyn band that plays “epic electronic indie rock that sounds a bit like MGMT when they get psychedelic, or a lot like a super mature Wavves.”  I’ll let you wrap your head around that for a second…

Okay good, your head didn’t explode.  Anyway, BRONZE is made of former Detachment Kit members, which didn’t help me out really.  But after looking up that older band on myspace, I have to say they’re pretty cool.  Though when it comes down to it, BRONZE is simply a better band.  They sound professionally recorded and most importantly more mature, which makes sense since everyone got older.

Simply put, everything about this group seems to come together.  From the surfy melodies meeting up with spacey guitars and random percussion effects, BRONZE creates their own world to play around in.  This world sounds pretty freaking cool to me, and you can jump into it by getting their free EP off of ze bandcamp.  Enjoy!

BRONZE – Horses

One response to “BLOWING UP: Bronze

  1. great music!

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