Local Natives @ Webster Hall 10/30/2010

Wow this show was great.  Local Natives were killer awesome, and the openers didn’t take away anything from the experience whatsoever.  All of the bands played in the same vein of epic reverb-laden joyous rock, the one that I personally believe is going to be identified as its own genre in five years.  I’ll write more on that another time.  Anyway, “What was the show like?” you ask?

Well, The Union Line opened and they were really chill.  They played songs that reminded me of maybe a more exciting These United States mixed in with full band Devendra Banhart.  (Side note: Yeah, I’m that hip.  I’m a Hip-star.)  While it was all fine and dandy, I noticed that the band doesn’t really have a song with a full on hook.  This isn’t to say they aren’t great and fun, but I just wish there was one song that was poppy enough for me to truly remember it.  Nothing got stuck in my head and I’m now only remembering how good they were because their songs are on myspace blasting at me.  “Goldmine” seems to be their jam as of now, but I expect new material from them to blow away what they’ve done so far…

The Ruby Suns were next, and were okay, but honestly a bit of a disappointment.  It’s not that their music isn’t good, it’s just that their show was so based on electronics that it took away heavily from the experience.  That coupled with the fact that they seemed bored on stage and were too tired to interact with the crowd was more than enough to make everyone hesitate before letting loose (It’s important to let loose at a concert!).

Apparently main Sun Ryam McPhun likes to experiment, and their newest album went towards electronica more than the sunny and jangly folk rock of earlier works.  Converting those songs to electronic form did take something away from them: warmth.  They didn’t seem friendly anymore, just robotic shells of something that was once gorgeous.  This kinda goes for the band too, as they barely played instruments other than drums.  Everything was sampled and it all seemed fake.  What carried the Ruby Suns through the set was the constant beat provided by the sampler/drum machine.  Nobody can resist dancing to a looped beat, for it is impossible not to shake to ze rhythms, so la dee da to that…

Okay, I didn’t mean to crap on anyone’s parade that much, so here’s the main event.  Local Natives were absolutely terrific.  Their debut’s hits were rendered flawlessly and sounded right off of the record.  The band is tight as heck and musically brilliant.  Every little piece of every song is meant to either dazzle or entrance you into a weird dimension where you lose yourself in the moment.  Their bangers, like “Wide Eyes,” “Camera Talk,” and especially “Sun Hands,” were the best of the night.  I will say they slowed the set down a bit too much in the middle and that their stellar cover of “Cecilia” would have picked up the pace right at that crucial moment, but I’m not going to be picky.  The show was a treat, and an especially good one for the night before Halloween.  Here’s that cover they do so well.  Enjoy!

Local Natives – Cecilia (Simon & Garfunkel cover)

Check out their myspace to see just how great they are.


One response to “Local Natives @ Webster Hall 10/30/2010

  1. Local Natives are playing on Tuesday night in Camden – should be ace! http://www.thecamdenstore.co.uk/camden-live-listings-11-22-2010

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