Kintaro – “Don’t Ever Touch Me”

Ready to rock?  Good.  (ed. I’m so lame.) Kintaro is here and they rock hard, playing a poppy form of punk and garage that is sure to have you tapping at least some part of your body.  For me, they sound a bit like the Replacements got into a fight with the Pillows.  As you can imagine, that sounds pretty damn cool.  The band has played with other groups like JEFF the Brotherhood and Turbo Fruits, and fit into their mold quite well.  I’ll be writing about those two as soon as I’ve fully ingested their albums.

But getting back to Kintaro; they’ve taken the al’ fashioned Tennessee DIY approach and released all their material on their own, and specifically for their friends.  It seems they aren’t in it for the fame, but simply the experience.  Everything they put out is just a byproduct of their travels and the requests of their fans, and that’s super cool.  Enjoy a small taste and my favorite song, recently released on the Powerlove 7″

Kintaro – Don’t Ever Touch Me

Ze myspace for ze purchases.


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