Monthly Extras: November 2010

So I could do a normal post today, or I could shae some sweet links with you.  These links are to all the best stuff people have been gracious enough to send me after starting this site.  It doesn’t all fit with what I usually write about, so I figured why not just do a big post and knock it out of the way, leaving the contributors slightly satisfied and me respectful of their goals…

Satellite Stories are cool as beans and sound like Phoenix and Two Door Cinema Club.  Oh, and they’re from Finland!

left sounds like the Tallest Man on Earth, but more normal and open to playing with other people.  That and just quality folk rock, plus they’re from Israel!  They have a video too!

The OK Corral are very much about their song “Gasoline,” and so am I.  It sounds like The Gaslight Anthem without the Boss’ influence.

Casa Castile is something I thought I’d hate, but I stuck it out and I’m really glad I did.  He’s Andrew Nabuco and he makes dreamy electronic acoustic pop songs in Nashville, Tennesee.  Very cool indeed.  I’ll probably do a full post on him actually.  Here’s a song for ya!

Casa Castile – Lights, Flashes

As for the other part of the post, please stop sending me remixes instead of actual music.  I don’t want to hear you rapping over a Cure sample recorded on Garageband and uploaded to Youtube.  I JUST DON’T!!! Sorry.

But please send me anything that is as superbly awesome as my new favorite mashup artist, Leilos!


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