Fake Problems – “Soulless”

Fake Problems are an interesting band from Naples, Florida that recently released their third album, Real Ghosts Caught on Tape.  I say the band is interesting because they really have no set influences, and appear to love everything.  Taking this approach leads to a set sound that has incredibly varying pieces put together.  They take garage rock and pop punk, mush it into a song, and come out with indie rock, baroque pop, or just straight up folk songs.  It’s weird hearing these disparate genres meld together into something not only listenable, but surprisingly enjoyable as well.

For me, at least, the song on the LP that really strikes a note is called “Soulless” and really sums up the band quite nicely.  It has that classic garage rock back beat backed by a Motown bass line and a big sing-along chorus that solidifies it as an incredibly memorable track.  Enjoy it, kids!

Fake Problems – Soulless

Likey?  Then buy the album!


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