I was incredibly hesitant to listen to Cults.  I felt bad, mainly because I have such a terrible track record with girl singers.  There are very few I like, and none of them front rock bands.  I don’t know why I can’t bring myself to adore frontwomen, but the position never feels right.  I’m pretty sure sexism isn’t the case, and I’ll defend myself by saying that almost every big rock song sung by a girl I can always imagine having more impact sung by a guy.  This isn’t the case with Cults.

I thought Cults was a rock band, and I don’t know why I did.  Maybe the name did it?  It doesn’t matter, though, because I finally sought them out and am more than impressed.  They sound like a young 60s girl band mashed up with Lykke Li after being recorded in a church, and it is cool as beans.  They have a kind of oldies doo wop songwriting style in their work, but it sounds completely modern in every way.  The production on their only release so far, a 3 song 7″, is superb.  Even their Daytrotter session sounds incredible.  Gadzooks this band is good!  Here’s a sample, even though the Cults 7″ is available for free on their bandcamp.

Cults – Go Outside


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