Darwin Deez – “Radar Detector”

This “band,” mainly consisting of songs written by Darwin himself, plays a cool indie pop that I really didn’t expect myself to like.  It’s catchy, but ultimately very soft and repetitive.  I was trying to figure out why I was so hooked on it, and after reading a review that said it sounded like Vampire Weekend mixed with the Strokes, I found my answer.

I will give more credit to the music than other reviewers did though, for it is incredibly pleasant to listen to.  I’ve fallen asleep to this more than a few times now, but I wouldn’t mind it sound tracking my days either.  Maybe that was the ultimate goal of Darwin Deez?  I don’t know, but this song is my favorite and by far the most energetic on the album.  Enjoy.

Darwin Deez – Radar Detector (Removed By Request)


By the way, let me take the moment to let Stephen from Lucky Number Music know how much of a prick I think he is.  After rudely telling me to take down the track, which I immediately did, he had the nerve to report me to box.net for copyright infringement.  So thanks for that, Steve.

Yes, I do support the music community, and that is done in no better way by letting people have a taste of something good before they buy the whole thing.  Sure, I could post a stream, but let’s be real here.  Nobody wants that, and nobody accepts that, especially in a time when all music is considered free.

When I hear a stream of something I like my first reaction is “Hello, Mediafire!”  Having an actual song in my possession for a bit lets me get to know the artist and buy more than just music, but concert tickets and t-shirts.  Streams don’t do this, and based on the privacy of the label, asking them to let me post something would have gone nowhere.  Plus, what blogger has the time to ask a label about every post?  I certainly don’t.  Publicity is the best hope for any artist, and if one does get popular they should put their music on iTunes and hope for the good in people.

Publicity really is the only thing artists should be looking for these days, not “Metallica-like” protection of their music that is going to end up free no matter what.  I want to link to a free download of the album, but of course won’t out of respect to Darwin Deez and his talent.  I will ask him to take a closer look at the people he associates with, though, because it seems all they care about is money and not kind words.  Sorry for using the word “prick.”


One response to “Darwin Deez – “Radar Detector”

  1. Excellent. Steve got served! Who cares what he thinks, he sounds like a prick anyways.

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