Ten Q’s with Summer Fiction!

Summer Fiction was kind enough to do a interview with RCSC!  Read it, punks!  Oh and look at some more here

What are the basic details of your band?  They don’t seem to be written anywhere, but I think you’re from Philly, have four people in the band, and listen to a lot of 70s AM pop.  Am I close?

Basically Summer Fiction is my moniker/recording project.  SF is also a 5 piece live band playing gigs. Live we have a little more muscle than the album.  We love pop and bonded over Todd Rundgren and Johnny Walker Red at our favorite bar in South Philly.

How do your songs get written?  Is it a collaborative effort or is there a musical mastermind behind it all?

That would be me (laughs). I write, arrange and produce all of the songs myself.  Most songs I dream up on the subway and then hum them into a little Dictaphone. Most of Philly’s great pop radio stations died in the 80s, so I created one in my head.

Obviously, there’s a few strong influences in the band’s songs.  What do you think of the comparisons you’ve gotten, and do you ever try to steer away from them toward your own sound?

I honestly dive head first into my influences and try to just have the confidence that our own thing comes through. Influences are OK but we want to avoid being revivalists.

What are your strongest influences that people might not know about? (The influences do not have to be music, but can be if you want.)

Raymond Carver. Catholic School. My Aunt Debbie. Vince Guaraldi. Cocteau Twins. Gram Parsons. Nilsson.

How did you all meet, and who came up with the idea to start a band?

Me. See above. (ed. note- I wish I knew there was only Bill… Ugh)

What’s the most interesting thing that’s happened at a Summer Fiction show?

I’ll have to let you know our first show is Dec. 1 in Philly.  And second is Dec 4th in NY.

What superhero would you be, and why?

I’d like to be Spiderman because I like the cut on the outfit and the sexual tension with MJ.

Was anyone in the band surprised by the way your recordings came out?  (For example, did you think you’d end up playing in a different genre or sounding like U2?)

This was what I heard in my head and I’m happy to say we achieved it.

What is next for the band?  Are you working on new songs or recordings anytime soon?  Do you plan to tour off the album, and if so, with who?

Yes a tour is in the planning stages. . We’ll be releasing multiple singles from the album and b sides.  More videos too.

If possible, would you guys play music forever?  Or would you grow tired of it eventually?

I think I will always want to write and record.  Foreva-eva.

Bonus Question!: Who would win in a fight, a jaguar or a hippo?  Why?

Hippos because they are hungrier.

What’s that?  You read the whole interview?  Ok you get a prize!

Bill Ricchini – A Cold Wind Will Blow Through Your Door


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