Everybody Else – “Meat Market”

Sometimes it’s hard to understand exactly what garage rock is.  I’ve slowly been trying to figure it out myself, but over time have just come across more and more examples of what could easily be defined as such.  My thoughts on this are extensive, but as for this song they are much simpler…

I think that “Meat Market” could be considered garage rock if it didn’t have such a polish over it.  It’s got the hook, the lyrics, and the swagger, but that shine just pushes into “pop rock” land for me.  While this isn’t a terrible thing at all, I do wish the song was dirtier.  (That might be the first time I ever wished for music to be dirtier, ever.)  I imagine the band would have some more muscle with a bit of dirt in their gears.  Maybe it’s just me?

Everybody Else – Meat Market

The tune is from their 2007 self titled debut, btw…


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