Weezer @ Roseland Ballroom 12/17/10

I finally got a chance to see Weezer!  Free Energy opened and performed as great as they usually do.  The sound was a tad off for them, and I wish the venue let them use some of the larger speakers.  They pretty much played out of their amps and that hurt their epic 70s sound a little.  Nevertheless, they were charismatic and happy to be there.  That, and the fact that I got a free cassette of their album (btw: GENIUS!) made seeing them quite special this time.  But what about the main event?

Rivers Cuomo is a genius.  Nowhere was that more apparent than at last night’s Weezer show.  Pairing the idea of playing not one, but two, classic albums over a two night stint is commendable.  Deciding to go “back in time” by playing all of your other hits in reverse release order turned out to be quite the fan-pleaser as well (who would’ve thought?), and truly made the night.

The show was almost like a farewell tour, and I’ll be honest that if this was how Weezer decided to go out after almost 20 years, I wouldn’t be disappointed.  The band has, at this point, conquered the world in a few different ways already and has stayed relevant and modern.  While I can’t say I’ve completely enjoyed their newer albums, I commend them for trying to experiment and not rehash their glory.  Instead of reusing ideas on record, they recaptured their early vibe live for thousands while on this tour.

The Blue Album was spot on from start to finish, and all was well with the world for forty minutes.  The slide show of their early career shown before it was surprisingly entertaining too.  I may have hated the thousands of bros I was surrounded by, but I can’t say I wasn’t singing along with them.  What really is remarkable is the place this band has in modern society.  I’ve praised them before, so I won’t go into it hear, but Cuomo really makes nothing but smart choices when it comes to his music and fan base.  I’ve always looked forward to whatever this band has decided to do, and this night of “Memories” has not swayed that one bit.

Weezer – Where’s My Sex?


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