Red Riders – “C’mon”

Wow this is a terrible time for new music news.  With the whole forced (though completely necessary) year end review period in full swing, bands are inclined to hold off on doing anything until the new year.  Then, as a result of wanting to be on next year’s “year end” lists, bands usually wait even longer still before doing something interesting.  Until at least February, not much will be happening.  I don’t care though, for I’ll still be letting you know about some of the stuff you’ve missed in the last fifty years.  And trust me, there’s a lot…

Red Riders is an indie rock band from Australia.  There doesn’t seem to be much more to say than that.  I will say that it’s odd how far removed Australia is from the US and European music scenes.  They do have some quality acts like Youth Group and the Vines, but in terms of exportable bands there seems to be slim pickings.  Bands seem to be more inclined to stay in Australia than break out.  I guess it’s a nice place to play music…

Anyway, this is the first track from Red Riders first album, Replica Replica, and I hope you enjoy it and epand your Australian music knowledge past Men at Work.

Red Riders – Cmon

 P.S. – I LOVE Men at Work, by the by.  That, and the movie Danny Deckchair…


One response to “Red Riders – “C’mon”

  1. Came across The Salvadors, another Aussie band…check em out on myspace.

    good year end lists-enjoyed!

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