Rancid – “Crane Fist”

Ok, so every once in a while I fall in love with punk all over again.  This isn’t that time, but I did happen to listen to a bit of Rancid today, so why not?

Rancid is one of the most consistently good bands around, but because of their style they often go overlooked.  Sure, …And Out Come the Wolves is considered a classic and is often taught in “Punk 101” after London Calling, but there is a secret truth that most don’t know.

The follow up to AOCTW, 1998’s Life Won’t Wait, is musically superior in every way. (Don’t get me wrong here, AOCTW is full of hooks and deservedly contains Rancid’s biggest hits.  It is also their most consistent album)  Unfortunately, the album led to claims from hardcore punk fans that Rancid weren’t that punk/tough.  To quell that notion, they responded with Rancid (2000), shutting up any doubters who questioned how hardcore their music could be. 

Back to the main point, LWW is more diverse than probably anything released since The Clash themselves disbanded.  It takes punk, pop, rock, ska, reggae, and dub and molds it into an incredible listen.  It’s one of my favorite albums and it really has something for everybody.  You just have to sit through it to find what’s right for you.

I will say that no song on the album quite hits me the way that “Crane Fist” does.  “Hooligans” is a close second though, and on some days maybe even a tie.  Anyway, enjoy!

Rancid – Crane Fist

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