Monthly Extras: January 2011

This is now a thing (Monthly Extras), where I take a bunch of cool songs I found and provide you means to hear them.  These are songs that nice folks send me and urge me to support, so I’m happy to oblige some of them.  Other people suck and send me garbage like remixes of other artists’ hard work, but I won’t bad talk anybody.  Here’s some muzac!

No Monster Club might be the best band name ever.  They sent me a song called “Fighting Maps” that has a reverb-y beach thing going on and I really dig it.  I want to hear more of this band.  They have an awesome sound, for sure.  In fact, they’re gonna be their own post soon.  Just wait.

The Foreign Films are cool indie folk rock created by Bill Majoros.  They released a five song EP and it is very pretty I must say.

The Steelwells are another group of folk rockers that make some melodic music that reminds me of the Frames but without Irish accents.  This video has people in animal costumes, and that’s awesome.

Oh Stereo have a single called “Waiting for the Sun” that’s on their recently relead debut.  They’re from Nashville, TN and make some very gorgeous electronic-tinged soft rock that sounds a bit like Sun Airway.

The Veils (who are very talented and make moody rock that recalls the National), have a new song called “Bloom” out.  I don’t have it to give you, and that’s why this isn’t its own post.  You can hear it here!

Ok that’s all for now, but February is right around the corner…




One response to “Monthly Extras: January 2011

  1. This is Bill Majoros aka The Foreign Films..thanks for the shout out!!
    I’m doing a ep release show up here in Hamilton Ontario Canada this week!My 4 song ep has grown to 7 songs..slowly becoming a LP!
    I’ll send you a copy if you like.
    Cheers,thanks again Chris!

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