BLOWING UP: Rooftop Vigilantes

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Rooftop Vigilantes have been around for a bit, so I’m a tad late on this one.  That doesn’t stop me from wanting to promote the Kansas garage rockers all I can, though.  Their sound is lo-fi as heck, and actually reminds me a good deal of the Smith Westerns first album.  They both have the same vibe, but RV’s sound is definitely more aggressive.  Still, both bands are super catchy and deserve a good listen.

Other touchstones for the sound of Rooftop Vigilantes would be a punkier Pavement or maybe a brighter Fugazi.  Enough with comparisons (crazier Harlem)!  The songs the band writes are above all else fun to listen to (as much as they are fun to play I’d imagine).  They recently released an EP called Who Stole My Zoo? on cassette tape, and are sitting on an unreleased second album called Real Pony Glue that they recorded about a year ago.

This is a song from their first album, Carrot Atlas.  Enjoy…

Rooftop Vigilantes – After Shots at the Taproom

3 responses to “BLOWING UP: Rooftop Vigilantes

  1. Not that I don’t wish they were that sexy but that’s not a picture of Rooftop, that is a picture of a band from Toronto called Woodhands.

  2. hey dude, thanks for writing about us! hit me up if you want to hear our 2nd album, not sure how it will ever come out otherwise. also, i know where you found that picture, but its not us. sadly, my keyboard isn’t nearly that big. don’t ever change, though. i love this post just the way it are. o/a

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