BLOWING UP: Brick Mower

Brick Mower

Brick Mower is from Keansburg, New Jersey and plays what they refer to as Indie Punk.  It’s a pretty apt description, for the band is as DIY as they come and have embraced the punk aesthetic more than most bands I’ve come across.  Yet, what really impresses me about Brick Mower is not only the quality of the songwriting, but how diverse it is.  While band leader Eric Truchan creates tunes that conjure everything from 90’s indie (think Pavement) to modern surf rock (think Wavves) bassist Kristin and drummer Steve provide a backbeat of awesomeness to keep things together.

Sure, there is a general punk vibe going through their music, but a distinct pop sensibility is present in every hook and melody.  The band’s recordings aren’t as lo-fi as they could be, and honestly that’s a good thing because they leave the noise for their shows, which are often in New Brunswick basements and dive bars across the Tri-State Area.  So far the band has released a few 7″s and a debut 6-song EP called Floors (currently FREE!), but they recently recorded a full length that will be out in March.

Here is a preview song from the upcoming LP, Under the Sink

Brick Mower – Slow Too Fast


2 responses to “BLOWING UP: Brick Mower

  1. Omg you guys are the best! Who is the drummer kid? He’s hot.

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