Born Ruffians – “Nova Leigh”

I absolutely loved Born Ruffians’ 2007 release, Red, Yellow & Blue.  It was fun and crazy in the best of ways, and I still listen to it in full every so often.  That’s what led to personal disappointment when I saw reviews that their 2010 follow-up, Say It, wasn’t up to par.  I put off downloading the album and instead soaked in a bit more of the perfection that their previous output showed.  Then I forgot abut it entirely until last week, when I finally gave it a listen.  Surprisingly enough, the critics were far too nice to the band.  Say It is pretty close to horrible, and this occasion marks the first time I’ve ever agreed completely with the gods of Pitchfork.  It sounds half finished, half played, and I less than half liked it.

All is not lost though, as there is this track that I believe came together enough to be enjoyable.  Take a listen and let me know what you think!

Born Ruffians – Nova Leigh

PS- I know you can do better next time, BR!


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