Young the Giant, the Static Jacks @ North Star Bar 1/23/2011

I journeyed all the way to Philly recently in order to see Young the Giant, who had the Static Jacks opening for them. There was another band that played first, but we got there at the end of their set.  The last song they played was fantastic, but their name was hard to remember. I’m sure I’ll look it up sometime…

Anyway, the Static Jacks were rocking. Their garage/indie rock is catchy and fun, though it did start to sound the same after a few songs. That was entirely due to the fact that lead singer Ian Devaney’s voice had too much reverb on it, so you couldn’t understand what he was singing for most of the show. It didn’t matter though, because the band had a presence that made up for it completely. I’ve said these guys were going to be Blowing Up , and I still believe it. They just need a cross country tour to spread their sound.

Young the Giant might have just gotten bashed by that jerk at Pitchfork, but they are an earnest group of musicians and have garnered praise from pretty much everyone else. Cheers to the sound guy for making them sound fantastic at the North Star, as well. The band burned through what was probably their entire album and left everyone in attendance in awe of their unapologetic gorgeousness. “My Body” was the closer and was as epic as I imagined it would be. “Strings” was another highlight that made the trip worth it. I’m sure I’ll be seeing these guys soon, either in person or in one of the car commercials they’re destined to soundtrack. If things keep going like this, 2011 might be the second year of Loft Rock in a row.

Young the Giant – My Body

The Static Jacks – Parties and Friends (and Bullshit)


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