GIVERS is a band from Louisiana with some serious talent.  They are engaging, fun, and write really entertaining songs.  They even have a girl and guy singing, which is something that usually bothers me.  Oddly enough, that isn’t the case here.  Two voices just works for some reason, and the band makes great use of the dual role.  Sonically, they remind me of Talking Heads, Fool’s Gold, Suckers, and Wildlife.  Maybe a bit of the Dirty Projectors (who they’ve opened for) too…


The band released a self-titled EP a while ago and are currently recording their debut after recently signing to Glassnote Records.  The song below is being redone for the album, so I don’t feel that bad giving it to you.  Call me a giver…(laaame, I know.)  Anyway, enjoy the song and go buy the rest from their bandcamp!

Givers – Up Up Up


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