Change Your Mood Monday: Brett Dennen – “Blessed”

Being that I have a tendency to write happy music, I’m always impressed when a musician has a talent for making unabashed pop joy.  And if they manage to convey it in a way that doesn’t drive people crazy, I’m beside myself.  Brett Dennen is one of those people.  Looking like he could be Shaun White’s musical cousin, Dennen has a talent for taking a high E-string melody and adding some sincerity to it.  His music is as honest as it is talented, and after three albums he shows no signs of stopping.

Musically, he completely reminds me of Ben Kweller and Jack Johnson.  (Also, for any critics out there, I need to say that Jack Johnson is an incredible musician and should not be penalized for making such appealing music.  Being a great songwriter is no easy feat, and being good enough to appeal to almost any demographic is nigh impossible).  Oh, and maybe throw in a little Matt Costa and Donavon Frankenreiter for good measure….

Anyway, this track is the first from his self-titled debut, and it is a nice amalgamation of all the things he does best.  It’s also the perfect thing to listen to on a dreary, rainy Monday while stuck in New York.  So if you like this song, then you’ll probably like every song he’s written.  Enjoy!

Brett Dennen – Blessed


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