Spoon – “Black Like Me”

I feel safe in saying that no band on Earth can dominate a groove the way that Spoon can.  The genius that Britt Daniel and Co.  exude when they expand a song (from the simplest drum beat to what’s usually the coolest thing you could imagine) is incredible.  The fact that they can do this with every song they write, and they’re still going strong after seven albums, is something else entirely.  While it seems like they won’t ever be superstars, they will no doubt go down as one of the most consistent indie rock bands of all time.

This song is the last track on Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga, their 2007 effort that went to the top of every critic’s best-of list, and deservedly so.  It’s one of the more beautiful songs the band’s created and it reminds me of “I Summon You,” another personal favorite of mine.  This one is more of a builder though, and halfway through it really hits the mark, leaping from a great melody into a full on soul jam.  There is more feeling in this one song than there is in the entire discography of some other groups.  Enjoy?

Spoon – Black Like Me


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