Telekinesis, The Love Language @ Mercury Lounge 3/9/2011

Last night I had the pleasure of journeying over to the Mercury Lounge (a place I can’t recall if I’ve been to before) to see none other than Telekinesis.  First up was opener the Love Language.

The Love Language had me hooked since I first heard “Lalita” a few years ago.  With its drunken melody and sing-along vibe, I’ve been addicted to it for quite some time.  So in love with this song was I, that I never took the time to delve into the rest of what the band had to offer.   The pool is deep indeed, and last night they had no problem going skinny dipping with us.

Their set started nice and strong, and the most immediate quality about this band is just how much of a band they really are.  It’s rare to see five people all so in tune and on vibe with one another.  They spent a good deal of time on stage just watching each other play, almost in awe of themselves and just how good they sounded.  What else is impressive? Well, the Love Language truly has a knack for arrangement and swells, with every song climaxing a few times rather than just going for a big chorus.  This isn’t as common in music today, but was a bigger staple in deeper classic rock tracks.  That’s more or less what the band is like, a group out of time and place that can win over a room in a matter of minutes.  My only regret is that they don’t have a few more songs with hooks as big as “Lalita,” but they more than make up for it.  The night yielded a really great performance from these North Carolinians, and they were a perfect setup for Telekinesis.

Anthony Michael Benjamin’s band is slowly becoming a staple in my life, and it’s really all thanks to his talent for writing such great pop rock.

Normally a voice as shy and light as his wouldn’t move me as much, yet his songs tend to bolster it in such a way that he comes off as nothing but endearing.  Make no mistake though, as the rest of the band rocks just as hard, or at the very least, they keep up with his drumming.  Yeah, that’s right, he sings while he drums.  And yes, it’s almost as amazing to see as it is to hear when you factor in how tight the band is.

Telekinesis played all the songs I wanted to hear, and I believe this was due to the band playing shortened versions of many songs.  Maybe it was the alky, but I could swear that this was the case.  It didn’t matter too much in the end, and the band kept most people happy enough to sit through the entire late show.  Overall, a great performance with mad props for a Guided By Voices cover and crowd sing-along to “Coast of Carolina.”  Seattle’s newest treasure just released their second album, 12 Desperate Lines, and are on their way to some seriously great things.  Enjoy them in a smaller venue while you can!

Telekinesis – Foreign Room


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