Bombay Bicycle Club, Jonquil @ Knitting Factory 3/9/11

Sorry for the lack of updates, as I’m currently moving a county away from good old Bergen and as a result have found my time to be slightly stressed.  Anyway, things should get back to normal now, and to begin a new era I give to you a new review.

I’m usually super duper humble, but I’ve been seriously awesome at picking concerts lately.  The Vaccines, Wavves, Telekinesis, Tokyo Police Club, and now Bombay Bicycle Club.  Seriously, my aim is true like Elvis Costello.  And who’s next?  Why the Strokes of course!  Jesus these last few months have been epic…

Anyway, Bombay played with opener Jonquil in Brooklyn last night before they play Mercury Lounge tonight (as I type this, actually).  They then shwoosh off to SXSW for the rest of the week.  So how was Jonquil (also playing in the states for the first time), you ask?

There might be two bands named Jonquil.  At least that’s how it seemed when they started playing.  The Jonquil I remember had a cool song called “Lions” of an album of the same name back in 2007.  It was gang vocally and folky and seemed destined to wind up on a Take Away Show.  The Jonquil that I heard yesterday was a power poppy indie rock band that sounded like a mix between Two Door Cinema Club and maybe Vampire Weekend.  Quite a change, but all in all an admirable one.

The band played absolutely great and had some real chemistry with one another.  Major points to ever member, and especially the guitar player, who seemed to have the most complicated thing to play every song and proceeded to dominate every lick anyway.  Normally I wouldn’t approve of a band switching up genres to stay relevant, but in this case it really worked in favor of the band.  Jonquil matched the Devendra Banhart and Beirut dominated mid-00s quite well, but have really grown (along with the indie scene) over the last five years.  I’m sure they’ll keep growing in way unexpected, yet pleasurable.  Haha that sounds dirty… Okay, now the main course.

Bombay Bicycle Club knew what they had to do last night.  Sure, they can get away with releasing acoustic albums and playing intimate shows to posh Londoners adjusting their monocles while they have tea and chips and fish and poppets, but here in good old ‘mericuh we like our bands rocking out while we stuff hot dawgs and cram bacon down our gullets.  Run on sentence much?  Suffice it to say, they played the crowd their first album.  They killed it.

Almost every song was played exquisitely, with the crowd getting most worked up over obvious favorites “Evening/Morning” and “Always Like This.”  They played what seemed like every song on their first album, about zero from followup Flaws, and one or two unreleased/Twilight soundtrack ones.  Typing that made me laugh.  They closed with “Ghost” and rocked it the flip out, ending a fantastic show.  What more can be said?  Maybe that the bass line in “Evening/Morning” is quite possibly the coolest bass line ever?  Except for the Jackson 5’s “I Want You Back,” duh…

Bombay Bicycle Club – Evening/Morning


2 responses to “Bombay Bicycle Club, Jonquil @ Knitting Factory 3/9/11

  1. Dude, that’s not BBC.

    • Apologies all around. The pic I had comes up consistently when searching for band images. IDKY… Just thought the lead guitarist was missing, but turns out it’s another band altogether. Whoops and fixed!

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