BLOWING UP: Mermaids

FISHY BUSINESS: Mermaids' revised lineup is Matt McCalvin (left to right), Noah Adams, John Kang and Sam Wagstaff.

Mermaids are a sunny garage-surf-punk band from Atlanta who make some especially pleasing beach anthems.  They remind me of what Wavves would be if you stripped all that punk from Nathan Williams’ soul and tried to replace it with 50’s doo-wop.  Yeah, it’d sound awesome, and that’s exactly what Mermaids are.  The band has strong similarities and ties to other Atlanta groups, especially Black Lips and Deerhunter, who also give off a warm oldies vibe on occasion.  Don’t think they’re aping anybody from that scene though, as the band also has a lot in common with the Beach Boys, at least style-wise. 

Guitarist and vocalist Matt McCalvin used to be in Gringo Starr before branching off to form this current project, and his solid songwriting paves the way for the rest of the band to fill in.  That ‘rest of the band’ is currently Noah Adams (bass), John Kang (drums), and Sam Wagstaff (keys).  Kang is, as of now, just filling in on drums after two other members left the band over quarrels and touring conflicts (there was actually a fistfight between them, which was something apparently caused by months of tension).  Thankfully, the band decided to press on despite the losses, which is great for anybody who immediately fell in love with last year’s Tropsicle.  It’s a debut to be remembered, and here’s a song from it that’s guaranteed to get you excited about the future of Mermaids.

Mermaids – Holiday


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