Album Review: Peter Bjorn and John – ‘Gimme Some’

Hey, remember “Young Folks?”  That was one heck of a great song, and until recently it was all I ever thanked PB&J for making.  The world seemed to agree with my sentiments , and any followup to trounce the tune just went toward displaying how good it really was to begin with.  The bands last two LPs, though one being an instrumental, met no real acclaim upon their respective releases.  Now, with Gimme Some, the group seemed to realize that they were fading from public consciousness and decided to do something about it.  Unhappy to be one hit wonders, they went and made a great ‘guitar record’ that will probably be one of my favorites this year.

Gimme Some is just fantastic.  It took two listens and I was hooked.  (I wasn’t paying enough attention that first time, either.)  These songs are immediate and catchy as heck.  They play up the recent beach ethos going through indie rock, but they don’t overdo it and fall into the surf sound. Instead, they choose to ride nicely along it.  “Dig a Little Deeper” and “Lies” are my current favorites, but I feel like I might have a new favorite every time I go back to the disc.  Single “Second Chance” is just what it says, a worthy song that can vault PB&J back into our heads and back onto our iPods.  It’s exactly what the band needed at this point in their career, and while they probably won’t ever “beat” their invincible hit, they have shown that there’s more of where it came from…

Peter Bjorn and John – Dig a Little Deeper

P.S. – On a final note, one of the best things the band did on this disc is keep the songs short.  Their earlier tendencies toward longer tracks made getting through their records challenging.  You won’t find that problem here, and if a song does go over three minutes, it manages to stay fresher than before.


One response to “Album Review: Peter Bjorn and John – ‘Gimme Some’

  1. Such a fantastic record!

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