Langhorne Slim – “Restless”

I don’t post enough folk rock on here to adequately convey my love for it, and I’m aiming to fix that.  Langhorne Slim is a true talent who’s been at it for quite a few years now, but only really got recognition after his debut self-titled album came out in 2008.  His style is very similar to the Avett Brothers (and maybe Mumford & Sons if you don’t know the former).  His voice has a gift for conveying sweetness in the most effortless sort of way, and even the sad songs sound hopeful through that filter.

Anyway, “Restless” was the first single from that album and is a finger picking frolic of hooks.  I really enjoyed typing that, by the way.  The tune showcases his style, though it’s in a more serious vein than the fun loving-ness the rest of the album boasts.  If you like it, definitely check out more of his work…

Langhorne Slim – Restless


2 responses to “Langhorne Slim – “Restless”

  1. I wouldn’t compare him to M&S but I lovelovelove him. he’s so quirky and honest and lovely. super energized on stage as well.

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