Blowing Up: Guards

Now that Portal 2 has been conquered, I can finally write about music again.  (It was amazingly good, by the way.)

Guards is the latest band I’ve discovered, and I was impressed enough by their style to want to promote them.  It should also be noted that I’m currently on an early rock and roll kick, so my feelings might definitely possibly maybe be affected by this fact.  Either way, Guards is impressive.  It currently seems to be a solo project from Richie Follin, whose sister Madeline is one half of much-hyped band Cults.  This means that musical talent is clearly passed through genetics, at least it is if you measure by buzz-worthiness…

Anyway, I can’t really figure out how to describe the band in terms of sound.  There’s a lot of reverb, and the drums sound like they could be in a concert hall or a church.  Style-wise it totally apes the 50s and 60s in structure and nature, but everything has a tinge of modernity to it.  Furthermore, it’s very laid back and there’s sublime harmonies everywhere, yet it somehow remains based in rock.  Follin’s voice is pretty high pitched and reminds me of Windmill or Danielson, though a lot calmer in general. Now if any of these things sound interesting to you, feel free to listen to a song below!

Guards – Resolution of One

The band has a new EP called Resolution of One coming out in May, but the title track was also on a self-titled EP from last year.  Therefore, I don’t feel bad sharing it with you.  That whole EP is free on their bandcamp, just to let you know…


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