David Byrne – “Hanging Upside Down”


David Byrne is a living legend.  As the leader of Talking Heads, occasional Brian Eno collaborator, and all around level-headed businessman, he has easily had an above average life.  Now he’s a sage of advice and worldly wisdom on his excellent blog, but that doesn’t mean he stopped making music.  In fact, Byrne has done what very few older musicians ever bother to do.  He has completely embraced the future of music and, more importantly, the younger generation that will be playing it. 

Somehow, he’s made friends all over the industry and has collaborated with many other budding talents, the result of which being some truly excellent music.  His most notable work as of recent has been with the Dirty Projectors, but he has performed with St. Vincent and recorded for N.A.S.A. as well.  It truly amazes me when I see an older person still so creative, open, and eager to remain a part of society.  Through it all, Byrne has stayed youthful, smart, and honest in his beliefs about the world and his apparent love for it.  It really gives me hope in humanity when there are wonderful people out there who take such joy out of what they do and the lives they lead.  But if one had David Byrne’s reputation, I’d imagine that would come pretty easy…

David Byrne – Hanging Upside Down

This song is from his 1992 album, Uh-Oh, and is a personal favorite of mine.  I guess everything I post here is a personal favorite, so maybe I should stop saying that.  We’ll see…


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