Cloud Cult – “Washed Your Car”

Cloud Cult are an indie pop band from Minnesota, and have been around in one form of another since 1995.  Leader Craig Minowa has a very strange voice, but it is of no detractor to his songs and actually compliments them quite well.  At this point they’re about nine albums in, yet haven’t gained the mass appeal they deserve (save, of course, for an Esurance commercial).  None of this should stop you from listening to the band though, for everything they’ve done has been worth listening to…

If nine albums seem like a lot to take in, I would tell you to start with 2005’s Advice from the Happy Hippopotamus.  It’s probably their most consistently brilliant effort, and showcases all the things the band does best.  (It was also my entrance to them from a college roommate who had it on shuffle for a week, so I may be biased a tad.)   After that, definitely listen to The Meaning of 8, an album primarily concerned with the 2002 loss of Minowa’s 2 year old son, Kaiden.  It’s expectedly more somber than the upbeat style of AftHH, but just as good if you like the symbolism of death and give it a chance.  If you make it through those two, you’re on your own with a solid head start.  For now, this is my favorite song from Cloud Cult, and is located in the middle of Advice…  Enjoy!

Cloud Cult – Washed Your Car


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