Rilo Kiley – “Glendora”

Sometimes I really wish Rilo Kiley stayed like this instead of “growing as a band and all…”  The songs on their debut, The Initial Friend EP, are simply amazing (in their simplicity and amazingness, obviously).  I still think it’s their most consistently good release when all is said and done.

The lyrics (especially this song’s) are heartbreakingly honest, funny, and a bit more creative than what would come later.  The melodies are also catchier in my opinion, and the band actually seems like they’re having a great time.  I could be wrong, but after listening to this song and “The Frug” on repeat for a while I cant help but think of an alternate universe where Rilo Kiley stayed as charming as they are here.  Mybe one day they’ll go back to that vibe, but for now all we get is this.  Enjoy!

Rilo Kiley – Glendora


One response to “Rilo Kiley – “Glendora”

  1. Plus her innocent babe factor was through the roof. That always helps.

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