Blowing Up: Baby Baby


The song down below is not well-produced.  It careens the line between “Blister in the Sun” and ‘irritating.’  It has a Barry White-inspired breakdown.  The band responsible for it is composed of often shirtless skinny dudes from Georgia, one of which is sporting some sick dreads.  Their debut video is of a pool party, featuring all of their friends of cours.  Their name is Baby Baby, and this is the catchiest and stickiest song I’ve heard all year.  Every single part is a hook, and the chorus somehow tops all that.  I don’t even know how that’s possible, but it’s true.  You need to hear this immediately.

It seems like the underground scene in Georgia is waaaayy more fun than the scenes in other states.  New Jersey has a lot of generally angry (and talented) bands beneath its surface, but whatever the weather is like in Atlanta must have a different effect on its musicians.  Between Black Lips, Mermaids, and now Baby Baby, I’ve been led to fall in love with whatever music bubbles to the surface.  The sound is always raw, real, and ready to make an impression, whether you want it to or not. 

Don’t think this is a new thing by any means.  It goes back to REM and the Elephant 6 collective, but continues on to this day.  Baby Baby is no exception, and I expect them to go a pretty long way if given the chances their musical predecessors got.  The groups’ first real LP, Money, comes out on May 21st, but check out what has become one of my new favorite songs right here…

Baby Baby – Fire

Listen to it more than once, as even I didn’t like it that much at first.  It grows on you, and it grows pretty darn fast.  Enjoy!


3 responses to “Blowing Up: Baby Baby

  1. thanks so much for the kind words! that’s really awesome of you! fun rock represent.

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  3. baby baby’s new video for Haters just dropped!

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