Chance Your Mood Monday: Black Lips – “Modern Art”

So I’ve been lazy with posting lately.  I successfully kept up my one a day blogging for six months, but these last few have been tougher.  I’ve been stretched out with the real world, friend time, and music making time, so much that I’ve barely had time to listen to music.  I’ve noticed that when this happens, I’m more inclined to listen to old favorites rather than purposefully seek out the next best band.  This makes sense, for what are people but creatures of habit?

In the end, I’m never worried about missing out on something because the best thing about music is that once it is out there in the world, it is out there in the world.  I have all the time I’ll need to find it, even if it takes me a few extra months.  Keeping with my “listening to the past motif,” I also find these periods good for reacquainting myself with artists and the new things they’ve done since the last time I entered their world.  While a band like the Black Lips aren’t ever really out of my radar, other bands do fall in and out.  Maybe I’ll post some of them later this week, but right now I’m feeling some great vibes from the new single off Arabia Mountain, which the group releases next month.

This song is another defining moment in showing of what has become the Black Lips signature sound, some sort of hazy-lazy early garage rock with eastern-influenced guitars and more than enough sloppiness to go around.  “Modern Art” is driving and has some of the best hooks the band has recorded yet.  It also happens to sound great and leads me to think this album might give the band a bit more acclaim for the members’ developing songwriting.  It’s simple, repetitive, and completely engaging.  That statement pretty much sums up how I like my music to be, and once again the Black Lips have nailed it.  Enjoy!

Black Lips – Modern Art


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