Blowing Up: Foster the People

As I was trying to figure out what to write about today, it occurred to me that I’ve totally forgotten to touch upon Foster the People.  The Los Angeles band has some serious potential, and most of it falls upon the slow burning anthem “Pumped Up Kicks.”  This song is honestly fantastic and in a weird way is a perfect summer song.  To me, it sounds like they took a nod from MGMT, created a groove that could soundtrack a beach-side drive, then went ahead and added an addictive chorus to make it appealing to popsters the world over.  It worked.

The song also directly reminds me of the one and only “Young Folks,” from a few years back.  Like Peter Bjorn and John’s simmering classic, “Pumped Up Kicks” has sparse vocals, a never ending bassline, and that massive chorus to make you come back again and again.  There’s more to this band than just one song, though.  The recently released Foster the People EP has two other stellar numbers to prime people for the band’s full length debut Torches, which comes out May 23rd.  If their performance at Coachella is any indication, this band and their slightly electro brand of rock could be poised to explode like the aforementioned bands did a few years ago.

Foster the People – Pumped Up Kicks

Side Note: I actually just did a quick Google search and saw that one of my go to blogs, WAWSTSF, said pretty much all of the same things I just did.  Except he said it a year ago.  (Whoops!  Here I thought I was being original…)  The funny thing is, almost the same exact things apply to the band now.  They will be on your summer playlist, their album is going to be big, and they do have some clear talent that you’ll be seeing very soon.  Enjoy.


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