Crocodiles – “I Wanna Kill”

I’m alive!  And angry!  Haha not really, though my choice of song for today might have you thinking that.  I’ve liked Crocodiles since I first heard them a few years ago, and in fact have fine memories of delivering pizza while blasting their first album.  They’re a noise pop band, at least according to Wikipedia, and I find that description pretty spot on.  Soundwise, the band is a bit like No Age, another group that does what they do, but without the same sense of melody.  It’s the reason I don’t really like No Age, by the way, and the reaon I really like Crocodiles.

While I never have and don’t believe I will ever seriously get into noise rock and shoegaze, bands like Japandroids and Crocodiles at least have me singing along for a few songs before I lose interest and move on to less subgenre-y forms of rock.  I guess my ears fatigue from the distortion or something.  Whatever, man.  If you like this, be sure to check out Crocodiles’ two albums, Summer of Hate and Sleep Forever.

Crocodiles – I Wanna Kill


2 responses to “Crocodiles – “I Wanna Kill”

  1. this band is so incredibly awesome, esp live.

  2. Scott Basford

    Sweet! I’ve been listening to this–and feeling a little guilty because I’m loving a song called “I Wanna Kill” (and it isn’t like the Dead Kennedys or something)–all the time lately. Love it

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