Filligar – “Guilty Good Intentions”


I want this band to be in every bar I go to for the rest of my life.  Filligar’s Chicago blues rock is pure old school gold, and while they might not be hip enough for you hipsters out there, I could think of no better band to open for Wilco.  Here’s hoping Jeff Tweedy comes across this video at some point…

The band invited me to a show recently and I couldn’t make it, so I hope this makes up for it a bit.  I’m sure they’ll be back soon enough, as they’ve already been together for a decade and have released eight albums in that span.  That’s pretty impressive, to say the least.  Enjoy the video, and grab the song below!

Filligar – Guilty Good Intentions

One response to “Filligar – “Guilty Good Intentions”

  1. They are sometimes categorised as or as but their music was much more a reinvention of based around the use of period instruments such as and . However at some point in Methuselah concerts the duo would play an acoustic number together they found that this went down well with the audiences and allowed them to bring out more of the subtlety of their singing and instrumental work.

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