Hearts of Palm – “We Have No Water Here”

Nathan  Stephen at the Monolith Festival at Red Rocks 9/25/07 - Photo of Hearts of PalmHearts of Palm

Hearts of Palm were a Denver band I was hoping would be around for a while.  Alas, not all things are meant to be, and they broke up in 2009 after releasing only a free four track EP called The Bridge.  Their sound was unique, but hints of influence from artists like Bruce Springsteen and the Hold Steady could be heard in the mix.  There were a lot of members, and I hope whatever they’re doing now makes them happy.  This is arguably their best song, and I just wanted to introduce them to some possible new fans.  They were a fantastic little band, and I wish I got to see them.  Enjoy!

Hearts of Palm – We Have No Water Here

Update! So as a result of a few commenters and a better search by myself, I have discovered that Hearts of Palm are indeed still functioning.  They aren’t Hearts of Palm, not are they Nathan & Stephen, though.  They call themselves J+D+L+J+P+R+N&S now and are slowly recording some material.  Read way more in this excellent article right here!


3 responses to “Hearts of Palm – “We Have No Water Here”

  1. Even though they aren’t official and sometimes play under their original name Nathan & Stephen, they’re still around having fun. They played a show last night in Denver. So keep your ears open.

  2. Oh no way! That’s reallygreat to hear, and I wonder what made them shy away from the spotlight. I imagine they could go pretty far.

  3. When my friend turns to ask them to stop they rip the glasses right off his face. When they finally left the stage after Formed a Band it felt as if the headlining act not an opener had just finished a show. Finn remembered two dates from 2006 the band had played in Baltimore and Washington and said they had been on the road ever since.

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