Blowing Up: Folly and the Hunter

Folly and the Hunter are an indie folk band from Montreal, Canada. They kinda sound like the end result of Sufjan Stevens and Matt Pond getting together and making an Americana album.  Their debut album, Residents, came out a few months ago and I just stumbled upon it.  To be honest, I wasn’t going to write about them, as most folk music never impresses me enough to do so, but I accidentally left the bandcamp page up and on.  The ‘background music’ effect made the band really stand out, as ironic** as that is…

On a side note, I’ve noticed that a lot of good folk music comes out of Canada, but I guess that could be said of anywhere.  My personal favorites the Acorn are from there, but let’s not forget Neil Young (his early stuff is great) and Leonard Cohen (his early stuff is great, along with the fact that he wrote “Hallelujah”).  If you can’t tell, I’m wasting space because there isn’t that much information on the band at hand.  Folly and the Hunter kind of appeared out of nowhere and seem to have plucked a solid album out of the air.  But that’s kinda cool, no?

Folly and the Hunter – Cost

**This is actually correct use of the word ironic, for all concerned.

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