Album Review: Hair Rocket – Punishment Cookie


I got it!  After being oddly attracted to this album for a few weeks, I have finally figured out what the heck it reminds me of.  Now, I’ll be honest here.  When I first heard Punishment Cookie, I didn’t think it was anything remarkable.  I really liked the single “OK ALRIGHT,” but nothing else had that catchy garage rock vibe I love so dearly.  Yet, against my better judgement, I kept coming back to the record.  Now I know exactly what drew me in.  This album has the exact attraction and vibe that any of the better albums by Spoon has.

Yes, that Spoon.  It turns out that “OK ALRIGHT” was a fluke and happens to be the most regular sounding of the songs on the album.  This is because main man Chris Blasucci writes rock and roll through the same minimalist filter that Britt Daniel has slowly become the master of.  Nowhere is this more apparent than in “The Dance,” a driving simple rocker with a repetitive guitar line that worms its way into your brain like Daniel’s best.  It has some serious catch to it, and the same goes for bandcamp freebie “Motorcycle.”

Now, I don’t mean to only compare Hair Rocket to one band, but that vibe is so similar it’s hard to think of anything else to describe it.  There is also an early rock and roll feel to the LP, along with a kind of “guy vs. the world” thing going on in some of the songs.  It has the feel of one person making a statement, though that’s not to say the statement is perfect.  A few of the songs are a bit too similar to each other, especially with the way Blasucci enters his choruses.  But if you think of the disc as a singles collection, this feature shouldn’t bother you too much.

I recommend visiting HERE to stream the record and grab a taste of it for absolutely nada.  You owe it to your inner rocker, trust me.  Here’s a Spoon track because they can take having a song given away.  Unless they write me…

Spoon – I Summon You (Cool) (Alternate Version)


3 responses to “Album Review: Hair Rocket – Punishment Cookie

  1. I saw these guys play last Friday night and have been listening to their album all week. The live performance was energetic and clean and sounded exactly like the album…. definitely a band to watch out for. They were also extremely nice guys with zero attitude which is refreshing.

  2. Yea, I wouldn’t think about it too much, this is just a really good album – good tracks that get better the more you listen to it.

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