Perfect Songs: Ambulance LTD – “Anecdote”

Ambulance LTD formed in 2000, released one of the best albums of 2004, and sadly split into two factions shortly thereafter.  Most of the original band now plays as the Red Romance, but singer/songwriter Marcus Congleton operates under the Ambulance moniker still.  Unfortunately for us, this operation is currently in name only.  There hasn’t been any release from him since the odds and ends New English EP in 2006, although rumors still persist of the group’s eventual resurgence in the New York scene.  While this goal hasn’t yet come to fruition, the back catalog is good enough to keep fans hoping. I believe the perfect entrance into their fandom is this perfect song.
“Anecdote” at heart is just a folk song, and one I could imagine Jeff Tweedy, Ben Kweller, or Damien Rice writing on a good day.  It doesn’t share the shoegaze feel of some of the other songs on the album, but the lyrics are what make it stand out. The song is incredibly vague, but seems to be a melancholy take on love and/or drugs.  The feel of everything is gorgeous and honest; it just bounces along though, soundtracking a sunny drive through town that you might take soon.  “Anecdote” reminds me of something just out of reach, and that moment in time when you feel you almost have it.  That was more poetic than I intended it to be, but it’s true nonetheless.  Enjoy!
you pin the medals to your chest
and settle down for seven minutes rest
you dim the lights, administer the cure
you tried it several times, you’re still not sure 

you take the first one for free
and pass it on to me
i don’t refuse
baby, if you only knew
but i don’t think you do

you take the lines from ordinary books
you’re disappointed in the way she looks
you cut the circulation to your hand
and calculate the motion of the land

then you, fall back asleep
and wander down the street that loses you
don’t say you feel the same way too
honey, i don’t think you do

you cut the worms and bait them on the hooks
you cast a line towards the closest brooks
you meet the girl who says she knows the plan
you act impressed and say you understand
’cause you, like to believe, that all that love is free
oh, someone like you, will never be lonely, or not go through
but darlin’, it’s not true


One response to “Perfect Songs: Ambulance LTD – “Anecdote”

  1. Good call man. I have always been amazed that Ambulance LTD never made it to the big times. But, I guess they did sign to TVT records, which is infamous for ruining perfectly good rock bands and records (NIN, Brian Jonestown Massacre). Thanks for the reminder.

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