Lesser Known Classic Rock: The Phantom – “Love Me”

Every so often I tend to regress to a primitive musical state. For a few weeks, I shun modern music in favor of mostly early rock and roll or doo-wop. I’m of the belief that this is a good break from the barrage of music I receive, and even from what I listen to the rest of the time. Too much of anything can’t be good for you, so this rant and rehash leads me to today’s song: The Phantom’s “Love Me.”

Rockabilly has been on constant rotation since I got a compilation called Rockin’ Bones last week. It has every major song from a ton of hugely influential artists of the time, including heavy-hitters Elvis Presley and Carl Perkins as well. Most of the tunes are simple blues songs sped up and rocked out (which is all one can ask for when perusing the genre), but a few musicians happen to break the mold and go grander. Jerry Lott is one of them.

As The Phantom, Jerry Lott created a masked musical persona to unleash upon the world. He played country until Elvis changed his perspective, and from then on concentrated on rock ‘n’ roll. While more info on his past can be found at this great resource site, I want to instead focus on the song itself.

“Love Me” is a song that was far ahead of its time, and honestly resembles protopunk more than it does rockabilly. It’s fast and wild, and by the end of it Lott has become a heaping mess of a man. It’s how any good punk song would end, and it’s crazy that he got the band to pull it off to begin with. There were two takes, one with screaming and one without.  Here’s hoping it earns a place in your collection, and if you like it then you should seek out the flipside called “Whisper Yor Love.”

The Phantom – Love Me


2 responses to “Lesser Known Classic Rock: The Phantom – “Love Me”

  1. The drummer lost one of his sticks the piano player screamed and knocked his stool over the guitar players glasses were hanging sideways over his eyes…Love Me was that song written by Jerry Lott in 10 minutes. he is an accomplished musician whos band has remade the song on their latest cd.

  2. Yeah its a theme song from a soundtrack but not from your typical movie this 45 pop record is from the soundtrack of a soft-core pornography hit called Diary of a Stewardess. Okay maybe not your Dad ..The song Diary of a Stewardess was co-written by the legendary Buddy Feyne celebrated for his swinging hep-cat lyrics and penning some of the biggest hits of the 30s and 40s including Tuxedo Junction Jersey Bounce and After Hours. During his career he wrote more than 400 songs collaborating with legends like Raymond Scott Al Sherman Avery Parrish Louis Jordan Erskine Hawkins Lester Young and even Milton Berle.

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